The viola principal subject classes of Marjolein Dispa, Nobuko Imai, Francien Schatborn, Sven Arne Tepl and Richard Wolfe are supported by master classes of regular guest teacher Jürgen Kussmaul. In addition to regular public class recitals the department invites guest teachers every year to give master classes. Recent guest teachers have been: Garth Knox, Anner Bijlsma, Daniel Bard, Jane Rogers and Thomas Riebl.

Starting 2007, the department organizes the Amsterdam Viola Festival on alternating years, as of 2009 in combination with the National Viola Competition. Both events will take place again in 2015.

Section representative: Francien Schatborn

Admission requirements

* two contrasting etudes, e.g. a melodic etude and/or a legato etude
* a solo piece by Bach or other composers from the same period
* a movement from a solo concerto and/or a movement from a sonata from the Classical or Romantic period

After the two-year course, students will have developed their talents in line with the plan of study. They will then be ready to enter the professional music world at the highest level.

Admission requirements

CvA Students
Upon taking the final examination for the bachelor's degree programme, CvA candidates must have received the distinction eligible for acceptance to the master's degree programme.

External candidates
1. The candidate will give a performance which may not exceed 60 minutes. He/she is required to play at least one piece from memory.
2. The candidate must submit a list of repertoire with a proposed programme for the entrance examination to the CvA study secretariat before 15 February. The programme must include:
* three movements from a Bach suite for violoncello or three movements from a solo sonata or partita by Bach or a Fantasia by Telemann for violin solo  
* one movement from a viola concerto by Bartók or Walton, or Der Schwanendreher by Hindemith

Francien Schatborn section representative & principal subject
Marjolein Dispa principal subject
Nobuko Imai principal subject
Sven Arne Tepl principal subject
Richard Wolfe principal subject
Jürgen Kussmaul regular guest teacher
Wiesje Miedema methodology