The oboe section is comprised of ten to twelve students from all over the world, enrolled in the Bachelor or Master degree programmes. Besides weekly private lessons from one’s principal teacher, the study programme consists of English horn lessons, student recitals, orchestral performance lessons, classes on technical skills and breathing control, and subjects such as mechanical adjustment and maintenance, plus a weekly evening session on making reeds. All students also enroll in wind ensemble and quintet lessons. In addition, students participate in the many orchestral and ensemble projects organized by the CvA, and there are abundant opportunities to play chamber music in various instrumentations.


Aisling Casey section representative & principal subject
Miriam Pastor Burgos principal subject
Aisling Casey principal subjectmethodology, preparatory course, oboe as a subsidiary subject

The oboe section regularly invites renowned oboists to come teach at the conservatory. Recent masterclasses were given by Heinz Holliger, Alexei Ogrintchouk, Lucas Macias Navarro, Roland Perrenoud and Pauline Oostenrijk. Next study year, masterclasses will be given by Lucas Macias Navarro and Alexei Ogrintchouk.

Section representative: Aisling Casey