This is a multifaceted programme which incorporates as many aspects of the profession as possible:
* principal private lessons (technique, études and repertoire from all periods)
* methodology (education)
* chamber music and ensembles taught by various teachers
* orchestral repertoire, orchestra class and participation in orchestra projects

The orchestra class, in which the entire brass section works on relevant passages from the entire orchestral repertoire, is held weekly.

Admission requirements

Two pieces from different style periods. The examples below serve only as a guide:
* J. Haydn - Trumpet concerto in E flat
* J.N. Hummel - Trumpet concerto in E flat/E
* B. Martinu - Sonatina
* J.G. Pennequin - Morceau de concert
* G. Parès - Fantaisie-Caprice
* P. Hindemith - Sonata
* G. Enescu - Légende

One challenging étude, for example:
* J.B. Arban - Part III, collected études
* T. Charlier - 36 études trancendantes
* N. Bousquet - 36 celebrated studies
or a work for trumpet solo, for example:
* V. Persichetti - Parable
* O. Ketting - Intrada

Upon completion of the master's degree programme, the graduate trumpet player will have developed his/her solo and orchestra-related abilities to the extent that he/she will be ready to enter the professional music world at the highest level and in a broad capacity.

Admission requirements

CvA Students
Upon taking the final examination for the bachelor's degree programme, CvA candidates must have received the distinction 'eligible for acceptance to the master's degree programme'.

External candidates
1. The candidate will perform a programme which may not exceed 30 minutes. He/she is required to play at least one piece from memory.
2. The candidate must submit a list of repertoire with a proposed programme for the entrance examination to the CvA study secretariat before 15 February. This programme will include a variety of musical styles. The admissions committee will evaluate the proposed programme and make any necessary changes. Requirements may be obtained from the representative of the section.
3. At least one piece must be for solo trumpet and performed from memory. Candidates are advised to use several differently tuned trumpets at the time of the admissions audition, including the piccolo trumpet if possible.

Ad Welleman section representative & principal subject
Theo Wolters principal subject