Conducting Concert and Brass Bands

This course focuses on conducting amateur wind orchestras. In addition to a wide range of theoretical subjects and score-reading, the principal study is made up of baton technique, orchestral training, study of instruments, repertoire study and instrumentation. Teachers include Danny Oosterman and Jan Schut. Supervised practical training sessions, in which students work with amateur bands, form an important part of the study programme.

Section representative: Danny Oosterman

Admission requirements
* to conduct a simple composition from the repertoire for brass band and concert band. The composition is prescribed by the conservatory.
* familiarity with wind instruments and percussion, as far as these are relevant to concert and brass bands
* an understanding of scores
* ability to play a wind instrument
* to undergo ear tests, which will explore your insight into musical structures

Conducting students enrolled in this master level degree programme, which focuses particularly on the professional music environment, are prepared for the stringent requirements demanded by the current, multifaceted world of professional music.

Admission requirements

CvA Students
Upon taking the final examination for the bachelor's degree programme in conducting, CvA candidates must have received the distinction eligible for acceptance to the master's degree programme.

External Candidates
1. The candidate will perform a programme which may not exceed 60 minutes.
2. The candidate must submit a proposed programme for the entrance examination to the CvA study secretariat before 15 February. The admissions committee will evaluate the proposed programme and make any necessary changes. Programme guidelines and requirements may be obtained from the representative of the section.

Danny Oosterman section representative & principal subject