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Young Talents

The CvA’s Young Talent department comprises the Sweelinck Academy, the Junior Jazz College, and, as of September 2022, the Young Pop Academy.

Sweelinck Academy
The Sweelinck Academy develops talented young musicians through a comprehensive programme that includes instrumental instruction, ensemble performance, music theory, and choral singing. Sweelinck Academy pupils perform at various venues around Amsterdam and regularly win prizes at youth competitions both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Junior Jazz College
Pupils between the ages of 12 and 18 and eager to play jazz and related styles are eligible for admittance to the Junior Jazz College. Junior Jazz College pupils are schooled in ear training, theory and ensemble performance. Special guest teachers also regularly organize themed days. Pupils are encouraged to participate in workshops and clinics often under the direction of top international jazz artists.

Young Pop Academy
The Young Pop Academy is open to vocalists, guitarists, bassists, drummers, keyboardists and producers between the ages of 12 and 17. The programme focuses on developing creativity, instrumental skills, songwriting and band playing. In addition to lessons by CvA pop teachers, guest teachers from the professional field give clinics. 

    The Sweelinck Academy, the Junior Jazz College and the Young Pop Academy regularly collaborate in musical projects, allowing the pupils to fully develop into versatile musicians. 

    The Conservatorium van Amsterdam offers young musicians a unique opportunity to learn, grow and shine in its two young talent programs: the Sweelinck Academy and the Junior Jazz College. I feel very privileged and grateful that the CvA has made it possible for me to be in both of these programs at the same time and discover the musician I truly want to be.'
    Teddy Sicking, violin
    'I’ve really liked to work with your students. I’ve been impressed by the musical maturity that they already show and it has been a great pleasure and fun to play with them.'
    Léo Genet, double bass player with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra