Study Programmes

The Conservatorium van Amsterdam’s Early Music Department ensures students attain an excellent level of musicianship based on thorough historical research and knowledge. An international team of leading teachers instructs students in the historical performance of music from the Renaissance to early Romanticism.

The Early Music Department regularly organizes masterclasses, lectures, workshops and projects which are accessible and beneficial to all CvA students.

The programmes of the Early Music Department at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam serve a dual purpose:

1. Full-time education is offered on historical instruments or copies.
2. Additional courses are offered for students on modern instruments who want an introduction to performing Early Music repertoire

All principal subjects, with the exception of clavichord and basso continuo, may be pursued as a complete four-year bachelor’s programme, or as a postgraduate study – as a specialization following a general classical principal study, for example.

Basso continuo and clavichord may be studied as a bachelor principal subject in the third and fourth year assuming that the student finished a keyboard study or has attained accomplishments equivalent to the bachelor degree. 


For more information please contact the acting Head of Early Music, Kees Koelmans.

The Bachelor of Music course consists of a propaedeutic year (first academic year) and a main phase (second, third and fourth academic years). The propaedeutic year has an introductory nature, and may lead to students being advised not to continue their conservatory study. The propaedeutic examination concludes the first year of study. More

Students on the master's programme focus on broad, in-depth study of their principal subject. The programme is flexible and students are expected to map out their own course of study. More

This programme offers ambitious bachelor students who want to study the different ways in which music works at a more scholarly level the possibility to follow electives from the Musicology curriculum at the University of Amsterdam. More