Health and Safety

A performance career makes physical and mental (as well as artistic) demands on the musician which should not be underestimated. With respect to this physical and mental exertion during the course and in students' further careers, it is important that they discover for themselves a healthy way of working. Therefore the Conservatorium van Amsterdam has developed a health programme especially tailored to the needs of music students. 

Student Counsellor
The Student Counsellor informs and guides students with respect to practical and legal aspects of the course, i.e. financial assistance and enrolment regulations. Personal problems may also be discussed. 

Social Safety
The Conservatorium van Amsterdam strives to ensure a safe and pleasant study and work climate. For students and staff who are faced with (sexual) and/or other unacceptable behaviour, the CvA has appointed a number of confidential advisers. There is also a Code Of Conduct. More about Social Safety.