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Muziek is Meer Foundation - Relief Fund

The activities of Muziek is Meer Foundation include registering the needs of musicians on a collective level and providing financial support to professional organisations for musicians based in the Netherlands to meet the needs.

To support students who find themselves in financial trouble due to COVID-19, the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, together with the Stichting Muziek is Meer, have started an emergency relief fund.

The fund offers financial support to compensate for the loss of income due to COVID-19 which cannot be recouped with an extra loan from DUO or under other arrangements by the government or the municipality. Applications can be made by submitting the special application form to Raphaela Danksagmüller (Classical students) or Clara Brons (Jazz, Pop, Music in Education).

In principle, the maximum compensation is € 250 per month. For the time being, the temporary scheme applies for loss of income in the months of April and May 2020.

» The application deadline for December is December 15, 2020 «

» The application deadline for January is January 15, 2021 «

» The application deadline for February is February 15, 2021 «

» The application deadline for March is March 15, 2021 «

To be eligible for support from the Relief Fund, students have to meet the following conditions:

  • The student has lost income from work
    If you have suffered any other form of financial loss due to the measures to combat COVID-19, please contact the student counsellor.
  • The student has the Dutch/EU/EEA/Swiss nationality
    Non EEA: you might be eligible for the Relief Fund, unless your employer is claiming compensation under the national emergency measure (NOW). 
  • The students has requested the maximum loan from DUO and was rejected
    (for Dutch/EU/EEA/Swiss students)
  • The student must prove that he/she has payment obligations in the Netherlands at the time of application 

An application can be made each month by submitting the application form and digital copies of the following documents:

  • DUO’s declaration that the student does not qualify for any form of study financing from DUO;
  • the cause of the financial problems;
  • a declaration by the employer or client, for example a contract, accompanied by a statement of the financial agreements;
  • confirmation by the employer or client that they are not eligible for assistance under the national emergency measure;
  • if you are a freelancer, enquire at your municipality or the Chamber of Commerce.
  • If you are not eligible for the scheme managed by the municipality or the Chamber of Commerce, enclose the relevant declaration;
  • for an application for loss of income enclose bank statements from 3 months prior to the month of application showing:
    • (a) the type of work the student earned income from and
    • (b) the average monthly income from that work that the student is losing.
  • for an application for loss of income in May bank statements from January, February and April 2020 showing
    • (a) the work the student earned income from and
    • (b) the average monthly income from that work that the student is losing.

Each application will be handled confidentially in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR/AVG)

RSIN number/fiscal number: 812012963


Stichting Muziek is Meer
Conservatorium van Amsterdam
Oosterdokskade 151
1011 DL Amsterdam
The Netherlands


Okke Westdorp chair
t.b.a. treasurer
Joachim Junghanss secretary


Application form Relief fund




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