Health Care

A performance career makes physical and mental (as well as artistic) demands on the musician which should not be underestimated. With respect to this physical and mental exertion during the course and in students' further careers, it is important that they discover for themselves a healthy way of working. The CvA health programme emphasizes prevention and collaborates for this with care providers within and outside the school, such as:

  • student counsellor
  • physiotherapy for music students, see
  • general practitioner
  • school psychologist
  • Alexander technique
  • posture, movement & dance, Feldenkrais
  • orientation towards study and profession
  • Mensendieck, see
  • orthopaedic surgeon

Please note that these services are not free of charge. Treatment by the general practitioner, physio- and Mensendieck therapy, Alexander technique etc. is to be paid for by the students themselves. Students should insure themselves sufficiently against costs of medical treatment and other costs.

Healthcare insurance in the Netherlands

When you stay in the Netherlands, you are legally required to have healthcare insurance. Please click here for information abouth health (and other) insurances.