Recording Studios

The conservatory has four studios, one of which is Studio-2, a fully equipped, professional studio offering music students possibilities unique in the Netherlands. This studio can accommodate a complete big band: due to its four acoustically separated rooms all kinds of instruments can be recorded separately. There is a beautiful Yamaha C7 concert grand piano, several drum kits and guitar amplifiers. Here digital recordings can be made of all kinds of instrumental/vocal forces. The 32-track recordings can also be mixed digitally. The end product can be put on CD (to be used for example as a demo recording). All final exams of the jazz master degree programme are also recorded here.

In Studio 3, a control room connected to all three concert halls in the conservatory building, live recordings are made. Recordings that have been made in Studio-2 can also be mixed here.

In Studio 538 students are taught how to use computers, synthesizers, samplers and the mixer in music production, how to use studio recording and how to compose music for film.

Electronic music composition and related practicums are taught in Studio 539.