Social Safety

At the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, we believe that a safe and supportive environment is fundamental to academic and creative excellence. The well-being of our students, faculty, and staff is our top priority, which is why we have an array of policies and support systems in place to foster a culture of mutual respect, integrity, and security.

We stand by the core principles of security, empathy, and mutual respect, drawing from the broader policies upheld by the Amsterdam University of the Arts (AHK). Any form of undesirable behavior, including harassment, intimidation, abuse, and transgressive behavior, is unacceptable. We are committed to providing an atmosphere that aligns with who we aspire to be—a community of artists and scholars thriving in a healthy, respectful, and cooperative environment.

In addition to these measures, we ensure that every student has a student coach available for any questions or concerns they may have. Regular conversations with these coaches help us monitor the well-being of our students continuously.

We have a comprehensive Code of Conduct that outlines the expectations and values that govern interpersonal interactions within our institution. This code serves as a framework for what is considered acceptable behavior and guides the resolution of any complaints that may arise.

For students and employees who nevertheless encounter (sexual) harassment or other unacceptable behavior or have witnessed this, there are several confidential advisers inside and outside the school with whom you can discuss the problem confidentially. In addition to our confidential advisers, students have access to a Student Counsellor and School Psychologist for psychological support. Periodic internal surveys and workshops also aim to proactively address concerns and gather insights into the work and study climate.

Students and staff of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam can find extensive information and a list of confidential advisers on MyAHK (only accessible to students and staff).