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Course 'Moving and Musicking with the Elderly'

Interdisciplinary art project: music, play and movement with and for (vulnerable) elderly people

The course Movement and Musicking with the Elderly focuses on art with and for (vulnerable) elderly in nursing homes, day care centers and small-scale residential communities, among others. Social bonding is a central topic in this course. By making music together using various instruments and materials, by singing and moving in combination with various games, the elderly are stimulated to actively participate with their own physical and mental capabilities.

Making music is often associated with brain development in young children, but this certainly applies to the elderly as well. New stimuli involving various senses, accompanied by movement and lots of fun, are very enriching for the (frail) elderly.

You are never too old to learn! In the course you will learn how to let the elderly be active themselves during the educational activities by making their own choices, thinking of things and participating in the workshops. As a workshop leader, you will learn how to entice the elderly into art activities and active art experiences. They can do much more than they think

Course Programme

  • The students develop knowledge and skills regarding dealing with the possibilities and limitations of elderly people in the field of music and movement. It is important that the students can empathize with the experiences of the elderly.
  • This knowledge and skills are supported with theory and applied in practice.
  • During the internship the students work towards a final artistic presentation with the target group. 
  • The students learn independently to design, execute and evaluate such a project for the target group.
  • The studens can work on their personal learning goals stimulated by intervision.

If he/she has fulfilled the assignments, at the end of the course the student will receive the certificate 'Moving and Musicking with the Elderly' from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.

Course Details

Course Content