Classical Study Programmes

In addition to private lessons with the principal study teacher, lessons in ensemble playing, student concerts, projects and masterclasses are an essential part of the course.

Students are offered ample opportunity to gain experience in a wide variety of ensembles, including the symphony orchestra, chamber music groups, baroque ensembles and contemporary music ensembles. Secondary subjects like piano, first- and second-year choir, drama, thoroughbass and conducting ensembles are also among the practical subjects.

Using their third- and fourth-year 'individual credits', students can choose to specialize in historical performance, chamber music, contemporary music, jazz or non-Western music. A system of electives allows students to take music-theory subjects that relate closely to their principal study. More

The Conservatorium van Amsterdam offers a two-year master's programme focused on continued development of the student's principal study, the aim being to train and produce versatile musicians of the highest level, whether they be performers and/or composers. Students on the master's programme focus on broad, in-depth study of their principal subject. The programme is designed in such a way that students can map out their own course of study.

With a highly varied study programme, students have every opportunity to prepare themselves for professional careers. They are able to combine flexibility and a broad approach with complete mastery of their own particular area of study, receiving optimum guidance that fully enhances their own talents and qualities.

The master's programme maintains a careful balance between knowledge and capability on the one hand and thought and practice on the other. Students completing the course combine full mastery of their instrument with critical reflection and artistic originality.

For the master's programme the conservatorium works in close association with other leading academic programmes. The Jazz Department, for instance, has concluded an agreement with Manhattan School of Music, New York. Students on the master's programme can also attend lectures and study groups at the University of Amsterdam in certain subjects. More

The Conservatory offers prospective students the means of preparing themselves for entry to the Conservatory through the Preparatory course. More

The Sweelinck Academy offers a training programme for exceptionally gifted children age 8-18. More

This programme offers ambitious bachelor students who want to study the different ways in which music works at a more scholarly level the possibility to follow electives from the Musicology curriculum at the University of Amsterdam. More