Academy for Musicology and Musicianship Amsterdam
Artistic and scholarly development in one programme

The Academy for Musicology and Musicianship Amsterdam (AMMA) is being developed especially for bachelor students at the CvA who are looking for a more scholarly, in-depth approach to their discipline. This programme offers ambitious bachelor students who want to study the different ways in which music works at a more scholarly level the possibility to follow electives from the Musicology curriculum at the University of Amsterdam. The credits count towards the conservatory curriculum.

For whom?
The AMMA is open to bachelor students of all departments (Classical, Jazz, Early Music, Pop and Music in Education) and study years who are looking for scholarly and theoretical depth. The objective of this programme is to make it easier to take university courses in addition to your conservatory studies. In the past, the combination of both studies often proved difficult, partly because timetables did not match well with each other. In the AMMA, the content of the courses and the timetables are well coordinated, so that students can follow a coherent programme that can be easily combined with their courses at the conservatory. Research is a big part of this programme.


Project Leader/Head of Research
Michiel Schuijer

Project Coordinator
Cornelieke van Voskuijlen

CvA Project Team
Walter van de Leur
Maya Verlaak
Otto Stuparitz
Carolien Hermans

Current professional performance practice increasingly demands musicians who are not only able to perform artistically at the highest level, but who also have academic competencies. The role of musicians in society also requires critical reflection on their own work and that of others, and a voice in broader professional and social issues, such as the role of music in technological innovation, cognitive research, health care, cultural politics and education. 

Students participate in the ‘AMMA seminar’, which offers regularly changing courses especially designed for this programme. The seminar is open to students of both study programmes (conservatory and musicology) and is part of the electives programme of both study programmes. The courses will be taught at the conservatory. It is also possible to integrate existing courses from the Musicology programme of the University of Amsterdam into your conservatory studies, to replace or deepen a scheduled course, or as part of your electives programme.