Young Pop Academy

Are you between 12 and 18 years old, do you play pop music, do you write your own songs and do you want to develop your creativity? Then the Young Pop Academy (YPA) is the place for you! At the YPA, you will learn to master your instrument at high level and you will develop as a performer and songwriter with your own style, sound and vision. There is also a challenging curriculum for producers. 

The Young Pop Academy (YPA) is a programme for pop musicians in secondary education (ages 12-18). At the YPA you can develop your creativity, musicality and technique in an inspiring environment and prepare for professional training in the field of pop music.

Core elements of the programme are creating your own music and playing together with other students. Every Saturday you will get band lessons or Production Lab, an individual lesson and a theory lesson taught by the regular YPA teachers. You can also take subsidiary lessons on a different instrument than your principal subject. In addition, about once every two months you will attend clinics or workshops taught by a variety of guest teachers from the professional field. This will introduce you to as many facets of the pop music scene as possible and give you a good idea of what the profession of pop musician entails.

Head of Young Pop Academy: Jack Pisters
Programme Coordinator: Tessa Raadman

At the YPA, I meet a lot of people who are as passionate about music as I am. I really enjoy working on new songs together. I feel free to experiment; we learn a lot from each other and help each other in the process.
Alex Verspaandonk, drums