Study programme

Creating your own music and playing together with other students is central to the program of study. Fixed components of your class days are:

  • Band lessons
  • Main subject lessons on your instrument
  • theory lessons

These lessons are given by the regular teachers of YPA. In addition, once a month you will receive a clinic from a guest teacher from professional practice. During the band lessons, we work with theme blocks, so that we can approach writing music and playing together from different perspectives.

Twice a year you perform with your band on a performance afternoon, so that you can show what you have been working on.

Customized instruction and feedback
Every class period you will receive feedback on your progress and an evaluation moment. This is done according to the so-called A-MACK system. A-MACK measures your study process and results based on five pillars: Attitude, Motor Skills, Auditory, Creativity and Knowledge. This allows us to offer you a customized study programme with room for growth and plenty of challenges. 

You can take classes at the YPA for several years.