Study Programme

A class day at YPA consists of the following components:

Band Lessons (instrumentalists and vocalists)
In the band lessons you will work with other students on your own compositions and covers. You will develop band skills, performance, creativity, sound and attitude.

Production Lab (producers)
In Production Lab you will work as a group interactively within your own DAW. You learn to make artistic choices and discover new ways of production.

Principal Subject
The principal subject lesson is an individual 45-minute lessons on your instrument. These lessons focus on instrument mastery, creativity, technique and how to discover and develop your own sound and identity as a pop musician or producer.

Theory Lesson
The theory lessons cover topics such as rhythms, chords, scales and scale degrees and ear-training exercises (solf├Ęge). These lessons aim to provide you with a better understanding of how music works, so that you can better translate what you hear to your instrument and communicate it to your fellow musicians.

I feel so incredibly at home at the Young Pop Academy. In the process I really learn all kinds of things from the most admirable people! In short, I really love this.
Mila Roosendaal, vocals/bass

Customized Instruction and Feedback

The year is divided into three terms. Each term is concluded with a performance in one of the halls of the conservatoire or in another concert hall in Amsterdam, such as Cinetol or the Q-Factory.

At the end of each term we also evaluate your progress during a feedback moment. This feedback is structured according to the so-called A-MACK system. A-MACK measures your learning process and results based on five pillars: Attitude, Motor Skills, Auditory, Creativity and Knowledge. This allows us to offer you a customized learning programme with room for growth opportunities and plenty of challenges.

You can take several years of classes at YPA.