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Deadline 25 March 2023

Application and admission

Admission Process
In order to study at the YPA, you must take entrance exams. The admission procedure is as follows:

  • you apply online by March 25, 2023, uploading a performance in the application form. This is also your application for the audition.
  • You may attend the YPA orientation day (April 1, 2023).
  • you audition for the YPA (in May 2023 - exact dates to follow).

During the orientation day and auditions, you will have the opportunity to gain playing experience, get to know students, and receive feedback from subject teachers. 

If you complete all three steps, you will be admitted to the YPA program. 

Orientation Day
Once you have submitted the application form, you will receive an invitation to the orientation day. On this day you can play together with the teachers and a band. This way the teachers can assess your level and give you advice about your audition and discuss with you what would be a good time for you to start at YPA. This day is an excellent opportunity to feel the atmosphere and get feedback on your playing. 

If the orientation day or the application itself shows that your level is high enough to do an audition, we ask you to pass on the songs you want to play at the audition. This way the band that will accompany you at the audition can prepare the chosen songs. You can also audition with a backing track. We will discuss this during the feedback sessions on the orientation day. The goal is to tailor the auditions so that you can freely show your best side. 

During the audition you will perform two songs. Your own ideas and arrangements are welcome and a start to a self-written song is appreciated. A selection committee of YPA teachers will test you on the following three points: creativity, technique and hearing. In the hearing test, we ask you to repeat notes, scales, intervals and short melodies. 

The number of study places at the Young Pop Academy is limited. Therefore, if your result is positive, you will first be declared admissible. Shortly thereafter you will receive a message whether you have actually been granted a spot. In that case, your parents will also receive instructions about the registration procedure.

Course fees
Click here for information about the Young Pop Academy course fees (information can be found under 'Other fees').

  • The Young Pop Academy is not a college education, but a course. Students are therefore not entitled to study financing.
  • In exceptional cases, the Conservatorium van Amsterdam can mediate in obtaining a study grant for the Young Pop Academy.

Apply now

Deadline 25 March 2023