Master of Music in Pop Music

Artist, Training, and Music Industry
During the two-year Master of Pop programme, outstanding students collaborate with the music industry. For each student enrolled in this programme, a tailor-made plan of development is drawn up, including facilities, knowledge, networks, and feedback. This plan of development leads to a powerful positioning of the artist and a professional organization.

The master programme consists of three steps:

  • Developing and designing a complete artistic concept with sound recording medium and all related expertise and media forms;
  • Realizing relevant research necessary to sustain the project and the artistic development of the master student;
  • Executing and positioning this artistic product in the market, including all relevant organizational, business, and artistic aspects.

Three times a year students organize POP-TV evenings. In preparing these evenings, master students discuss current issues with the field, and present their music or music currently developed in innovative projects at the pop department. The interactive setting, the interviews, and active participation in the process result in valuable insights and access to a new network. We work together with groups such as MOJO, Universal, DOX, Friendly Fire, Lowlands, Buma, Popronde, de Grote Prijs, Stichting Grap, and national and international podiums.

What is PopTV?

A taster of PopTV