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Closing date: 22 August 2024

Post-Graduate Course in Music Education

M4ME - Musicians for Music Education
Music is incredibly important for children's development, according to an increasing number of studies. Politically and socially, the importance of structural music lessons is emphasized. Many elementary school throughout the Netherlands are giving music a permanent place within the curriculum. Because this development requires many highly trained music teachers, music schools and CKVs are also increasingly focusing on the offerings within primary education.

M4ME, Musicians for Music Education, is a certified programme of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. This post-graduate course is intended for professional musicians who want to further develop their skills to be able to teach music in primary education at a high level. The course takes one year, is designed according to the SLO curriculum framework for music and is very practice-oriented.

Based on your own instrument and your work experience, you will receive a comprehensive teaching programme so that you can work in primary education (grades 1 - 8). The training is genre-free and focused on working with a continuous learning curve using various musical domains. The approach is practice-oriented, because both the theoretical subjects and the instrumental and practical subjects are directly applied in the internship lessons. Lessons are also given by various experts from home and abroad.

The curriculum is designed to:

  • acquire knowledge and skills to teach music education in primary education from a continuous learning curve
  • apply different methods
  • be able to work within the elementary school
  • apply ICT and modern techniques in the lessons
  • be able to communicate adequately and cooperate inside and outside the school
  • be able to work with heterogeneous groups of children outside school
  • be able to work on your personal learning goals

At the end of the course you will receive a certificate Music education for primary education from CPION.

The course starts on 3 September, 2024.

Duration: 32 weeks of classes plus 20 weeks of internship
Study load: lesson hours: 105; internship classes: 40 hours and 4-8 hours per week for self-study and internship preparation
Class day: Tuesdays between 9.00-14.00h
Tuition fee: € 3465,-

Possible fields of work
After the course you can work in primary education. You also have the skills to work outside school with large heterogeneous groups of children.


Apply now!

Closing date: 22 August 2024