Distance Learning

We are very proud to announce the launching of interactive video conferencing. This innovative learning experience connects our students and renowned educators to major educational institutes around the world, creating an interactive, inspiring and global online learning environment.

Within the ever changing global communication platforms and technological developments, the Conservatorium van Amsterdam Distance Learning Programme is state of the art, reshaping and extending its educational reach all over the world. The programme bridges educational and artistic diversities, stimulating dialogue and comparison of both musical and human values.

The Conservatorium van Amsterdam’s faculty and students can now share their knowledge and experience with distinguished artists and educators from around the world, presenting their skills and talents and receiving valuable feedback, all starting at the Amsterdam facility.

The programme offers high definition sound and picture, plus a link to a stable, fast, low latency internet connection, enabling students and teachers to participate optimally in Distance Learning.

Our partners include the Manhattan School of Music, the Sibelius Academy and the Royal Danish Academy of Music.

The Conservatorium van Amsterdam Distance Learning Programme brings together different styles and cross genre musical practices from Classical to Jazz and Pop.

What our teachers think about the CvA Distance Learning Program

'It is a wonderful way of exchanging ideas about music. I found the physical distance to be mysteriously inspiring. It’s also very practical, transferring much information to the student on the other side of the world in only a couple of hours.'
Marieke Schneemann Classical Flute 

'I really liked this new, adventurous and high tech way of teaching! It’s an amazing opportunity to teach and work with acclaimed international institutes. It affords a great way of exchanging ideas and approaches and is very cost-effective. For students it’s a great opportunity to work with amazing teachers internationally.'
Rob van Bavel Jazz Piano

Recent Live Video Masterclasses

Recent Live Video Conference Masterclasses have featured Gretchen Parlato, Linda Chesis and Phil Markowitz from the Manhattan School of Music, and Jesse van Ruller and Maarten van der Grinten, Yaniv Nachum, Marieke Schneemann and Nobuko Imai from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, and Jussi Lehtonen from the Sibelius Academy Helsinki.

For upcoming Live Video Conference Masterclasses, please view the Events Calendar.