In addition to the regular lessons and projects, the cello department organizes many activities, such as the 'Cello Monday', student and teacher concerts. The department regularly invites guest teachers.

Section representative: Maarten Mostert

Admission requirements

preparatory course
(20 min)
• two etudes, one of which in thumb position
• one movement from a solo concerto
• two short pieces (or one piece and one movement from a sonata or solo piece)

bachelor's degree programme
(20 min)
• two etudes in different styles *)
• one movement from a solo concerto *)
• two pieces (or one piece and one movement from a sonata or solo piece)

*) to be played from memory

After the two-year course, students will be ready to enter the professional music world at the highest level.

Admission requirements
The entrance exam programme must include:
• three movements of a Bach suite
• one movement of a solo concerto
• one movement of a composition written after 1970
• one movement of a sonata for cello and piano

Maarten Mostert section representative & principal subject
Gideon den Herder principal subject
Jelena Očić principal subject
Michael Stirling principal subject
Pieter Wispelwey principal subject
Dmitry Ferschtman regular guest teacher, string quartet
Monique Heidema methodology