The panpipes are part of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam’s classical department. The lessons are devoted to working on a versatile technique, enabling you to master a specific sound and aesthetic of a particular style and/or period. The entire repertoire is drawn upon and expanded with non-autonomous compositions and styles.

There is close collaboration with the Recorder Department. Students have a lesson every month with a recorder player who discusses with them the musical and, if necessary, interpretative aspects of a prepared work. 

Section representative: Matthijs Koene

Students of the panpipes are given one hour of private instruction per week and one four-hour group lesson per month. Every month, an afternoon/evening group recital will be held during which knowledge and skills can be put into practice. The lessons focus on developing a versatile technique allowing the player to achieve a specific sound and aesthetic particular to a certain style and/or period.

Admission requirements
The candidate will perform a programme of twenty minutes duration. Technical requirements:
• all major and minor scales and arpeggios in all inversions
• precision of all intervals within the octave
• mastery of various forms of articulation - staccato, portato and legato
• diaphragm control

The candidate must show affinity with contemporary music. The programme should consist of at least two original pieces for panpipes. The candidate could choose from the following pieces:
• Kjell Hählen - Etude 1 - 2 - 3
• Maarten Schumacher - Agalma
• Harald Genzmer - Sonate für Panflöte solo; uitgeverij Muskal Verlag
• Tuomo Teirilä - Panflute solo:
1) Mäntypistiäinen
2) Kaalimato
• Theo Loevendie - Entrance Music 1

In addition to original repertoire, the candidate may perform one of more works for melody instrument, whether or not as part of a larger instrumentation. If the candidate chooses more than one composition, these should be from different style periods and in different keys. Exampels:
• Béla Bartók - Rumanian Dances
• Astor Piazzolla - Café 1930
* Heitor Villa-Lobos - Distribution des fleurs
* Joseph Haydn - London Trio

After the two-year course, students will be ready to enter the professional music world at the highest level.

Admission requirements
The candidate will perform a programme which may not exceed 30 minutes. He/she is required to play at least one piece from memory. This programme will include a variety of musical styles and must reflect the candidate's specific, distinctive features. Programme guidelines and requirements may be obtained from the section representative Matthijs Koene

Individual presence and distinctive qualities as a soloist are the main factors used to determine whether a candidate is to be admitted to the master’s degree programme. An original and well-thought-out programme in which extremes need not be avoided will attest to the candidate’s unequivocal artistic merit. Additionally, the student must also demonstrate his/her far-reaching insights into planning, organizing and developing workshops, courses and projects, all of which must meet international standards..

Matthijs Koene principal subject