Apart from principal-study tuition, teachers also organise group lessons. Students take orchestral classes. Furthermore, workshops and masterclasses are organised regularly. Apart from orchestral projects, there are special projects for wind players and chamber music.

Section representative: Simon Van Holen

Admission requirements
• the following two etudes are obligatory: Ch.J. Weissenborn - Fagott-Studien II no. 35; A. Vaulet - 20 Studien etude no. 11
• one etude to be chosen from the following: A. Vaulet - 20 Studien; Ch.J. Weissenborn - Fagott-Studien II; E. Ozi - 42 Caprices
• three movements from three sonatas or pieces from different style periods; baroque/classical or romantic/20th-21st century

Total about 20-25 minutes.

After the two-year course, students will be ready to enter the professional music world at the highest level.

Admission requirements
The candidate will perform a programme which may not exceed 30 minutes. He/she is required to play at least one piece from memory.
* one etude of the candidate's choice, to be chosen from: L. Milde - Concert Studies Op. 26 No. 2/3/5/9/14/17/20/24
* baroque sonata or concerto of the candicate's choice 
* first and second movement from one of the following concertos (without cadenzas): W.A. Mozart, C.M. von Weber 
* sonata/piece (or movements from) from the 1830-1970 period (ca. 10 minutes)

Total ca. 30-35 minutes.

Simon Van Holen section representative & principal subject & double bassoon
Jos de Lange principal subject
Helma van den Brink principal subject 
t.b.a. methodology
Gustavo Nuñez regular guest teacher