Atlas Lab

The Atlas Lab is an international meeting place for composers and musicians from all over the world. Devoted to the development of new intercultural music the Lab offers a wide range of presentations, demonstrations, lectures, composers practical workshops on non-western instruments and seminars about Eastern musical cultures and composing for intercultural instrumental combinations. Read more

Atlas Lab 2019

On 7 & 8 October 2019 ten wonderful musicians of the Atlas Ensemble will be guest teachers at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. Soloists from China, Japan, India, Iran, Armenia, Azerbeidjan and Turkey will present their instruments – sheng, sho, duduk, shakuhachi, tar, setar, erhu, kamancha, kemençe, sarangi. You can watch video demonstrations of the various instruments here.

The Atlas Lab gives you the possibility to get acquainted with family members of western instruments, to attend group lessons and play together, to compose and to exchange ideas and experiences with the musicians. Oral transmission will be an important aspect of the sessions. Comparison of eastern and western attitudes to timbre, sound quality, vibrato/glissando, articulation, tuning, timing and concentration will be among the topics. Composers are challenged to write sketches for these instruments, which will be played through and discussed in composers’ workshops. Lunch- and evening concerts by the Atlas soloists will complete this intensive Lab. More information

You may attend the whole lab or pick some cherries. It is highly recommended to attend the introductory meeting on Monday morning October 7. You can find the the detailed timetable for this event here.

Please register before 25 September, 2019 by sending an e-mail to (mention your name, instrument/main subject and study-year).