Bachelor's Degree in Composition

In the Bachelor's Degree Programme students develop their composition skills. They get one private composition lesson a week from one or more teachers. Additionally, there are lessons in various subsidiary subjects, such as:

  • counterpoint
  • harmony analysis (of new music)
  • ear training
  • general music theory
  • music history
  • music aesthetics
  • electronic music
  • notation
  • instrumentation
  • organology
  • music philosophy
  • ensemble conducting

From the third year onwards students may choose from a broad spectrum of electives, such as: 

  • live electronics
  • film music
  • advanced rhythm

In the third and fourth year students may collaborate with students from other AHK faculties. Additionally, the Composition Department offers a pedagogical study programme for students who want to become teachers of composition themselves.

The bachelor's degree study will be concluded with performances of the student's compositions at the Composers' Festival Amsterdam and an oral exam. 

The final exam includes a performance of the student's work at the Composers' Festival Amsterdam and an oral exam.

Students are required to submit, before February 1st, the following material:

1. motivation letter (pdf)

2. a digital portfolio, one zip file via wetransfer (or something similar, max 50 Mb) with three to five works (one folder for each work):
• audio, compressed (mp3)
• description of the works (pdf)
• score (optional, pdf)
• video, compressed (optional, mov, mp4)
• additional info (optional, photos, patches, code, etc.)

3. links
Links to for instance high resolution movies or soundfiles can be put in the form.