Semifinal I

Mon March 24, 2022
20.00h Amsterdam Blue Note
free admission

Imperfect Bread

Liva Dumpe, vocals
Federica Lorusso, piano
Casper Hejlesen, guitar
Matteo Mazzu, electric bass
Leonardo Lucibelli, percussion
Rod Oughton, drums

Hailing from all different corners of Europe, the members of Imperfect Bread bonded last year over their shared love of world music. The band plays the music of British drummer/ composer Rod Oughton, who has been primarily influenced by his travels to Brazil, Cuba and East Africa. A setlist can contain anything and everything, from samba and rumba all the way through to free improvisation - expect the unexpected!

Martí Mitjavila Trio

Martí Mitjavila, clarinet, bass clarinet
Simon Osuna, double bass
David Puime, drums

Martí Mitjavila and Simon Osuna met at the CvA five years ago and have been playing together ever since. Their deep friendship reflects in the music they play together making it a sincere dialogue. Joined by David Puime on drums, they explore lesser-known material from the American Songbook and own compositions by Martí. Rooted in the tradition but looking forward, this unusual chord-less clarinet trio wants to bring a new sound to old songs and explore new ideas with their original compositions.

Sons of Freud's Wife

Aviv Noam, saxophones
Samuele Ghezzi, flute, vocals
Oscar Ployart Wetche, piano
Omer Govreen, double bass
Yoad Korach, drums

Sons of Freud’s Wife is a six-piece international, compelling band that was founded around its members' love for the music of the jazz idiom, Charles Mingus. The Sons will leave you with a full heart and a dancing soul through its In-your-face, chaotic and humorous musical attitude and appearance on stage. Drawing from the avant-garde and traditional jazz scenes, Sons of Freud's Wife performs new arrangements of Charles Mingus’ pieces and original compositions written with a 'Mingus-state-of-mind' approach. The result spans from tumultuous lyrical ballads to precipitous up-tempos, often covering both extremes in one single composition using eccentric tempo changes and dynamic contrasts. With all of its twists and turns - the music of Sons Of Freud’s Wife is held together by a deep friendship that is portrayed vividly through playful giggles and gimmicks on stage.
* In case you were wondering - the origin of the band name is inspired by the Charles Mingus piece title: 'All The Things You Could Be By Now If Sigmund Freud's Wife Was Your Mother'.

Līva Dumpe Quintet

Līva Dumpe, voice
Ketija Ringa-Karahona, flute
Massimo Imperatore, guitar
Jort Terwijn, double bass
Giovanni Iacovella, drums

Līva Dumpe Quintet is formed by its leader, vocalist and composer Līva, who has collected her strongest emotional experiences and put them into musical forms. The music balances between chamber-like textures using voice, flute and double bass, and rough, dynamic bursts in guitar and drum parts. Impressionistic, seemingly watercolor harmonies contrast the more experimental sounds and lyrics.

Paggio and the Giraffes

Matteo Paggi, trombone
Andrea Del Vescovo, trumpet
Yunah Han, piano
Misha Voeykov, electric bass
Said Vroon, drums

The band was born under the guidance of trombonist Matteo Paggi, who, feeling the desire to express his art, chose the most suitable musicians to play his music through a vision of colors: yellow is covered by Yunah's piano, contrasted by Misha's black on the electric bass, enriched by the green and white of Said on the drums and decorated by the soft blue of Andrea's trumpet. The giraffe has always symbolized foresight, being 'the animal with its head far from the heart', its mind is free to fly far away from the fire of passion. At the same time, music’s legacy of passion burns hard without obstacles in this project. It is music reminiscent of setting suns over glass office towers, with the smell of asphalt stinging the nostrils, as people scurry home before nightfall, leaving behind the cold logic of their spreadsheets to find comfort and warmth at home. Home, where the heart resides. Paggio and the Giraffes blend passion and logic in their music, gluing a classical way to compose and a jazz approach to music.