Semifinal I

Tue 11 April, 2023
20.00h CvA Blue Stage
free admission

Oleg Prilutskiy Quintet

Oleg Prilutskiy, trumpet, flugelhorn
Marios Charalampous, tenor sax
Joy Shechter, piano
Ton Felices, double bass
Chen Har-Even, drums

During his study at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam Oleg assembled a new project with Amsterdam musicians which presents his view to modern jazz and shows his original compositions. In this music such jazz movements as cool, post-bop and contemporary are combined with impressionism while improvisational approach blends with compositional elements ofclassical music. Starting with performances in conservatorium (Ensemble Festival, ProjectWeek, Band Night) and various jazzclubs the band keeps shaping their style and developing the music material. Moreover, they have recorded a set of new tunes for their debut album which is going to be released in the near future.


Antonio Moreno Glazkov, trumpet
Agus Fulka, guitar
Ton Felices, double bass
David Gimeno, drums

After opening the first flamenco jazz session at Bimhuis, the members of AELOS realisedthey had to explore their common roots together. Both delicate and raw, they bring the spirit of flamenco to an instrumental jazz quartet.

Marios Charalampous Quartet

Marios Charalampous, sax
Joy Shechter, piano
Omer Govreen, bass
Joao Guerra, drums

The Marios Charalampous Quartet is a dynamic jazz group formed in 2019. The quartet features Marios Charalampous on saxophone, Joao Guerra on drums, Joy Sechter on piano, and Omer Govreen on bass. The group plays original music that is inspired by a diverse range of influences,but they are especially influenced by the John Coltrane Quartet. The quartet’s music is characterized by intricate rhythms, virtuosic solos, and a deep emotional expressiveness. Their compositions often explore themes of spirituality, personal growth, and human connection, and are imbued with a sense of deep sincerity and passion.


Alvaro Zarzuela, trombone
Bart Bergmans, trombone
Maarten Combrink, trombone
Jeroen Vermazeren, bass trombone
Chris Muller, piano
Julian Wittich, double bass
Auke de Vries, drums

A unique and energetic group of trombonists, together with a swinging rhythm section, forms TINASE. They are inspired by the natural elements represented in their name: titanium (Ti),sodium (Na), and selenium (Se). Ti, symbol of titanium, represents the strength and dedicationof the ensemble. Na, symbol of highly reactive sodium, symbolizes the passion and energy that are felt during the music-making. Se, abbreviation for the rare element selenium, represents the touch of unpredictability and creativity that distinguishes TINASE from other ensembles.The combination of these elements leads to a unique sound that will surely impress the jazz audience. Additionally, each letter in the name TINASE forms the sentence: This Is Not ASaxophone Ensemble. A reflection on the intentionally chosen absence of the saxophone within the ensemble. We believe that a trombone ensemble with a rhythm section is a unique and exciting combination, as it allows the trombonists to showcase their versatility and range.

NJTA Project

Antonio Moreno, trumpet
Micheal Murray, alto sax
Anja Gottberg, double bass
Magnus Austad, drums

NJTA PROJECT is an Amsterdam-based quartet led by Swedish bassist-composer Anja Gottberg. In July 2022, they won the 1st prize of the Conad Jazz Competition - Umbria Jazz Festival, Italy 'for the completeness of the project, the care in the arrangements, the technical quality, the stylistic and improvisational maturity.' As a bass player, Anja has already shared the stage with various established musicians such as Ernst Glerum and Jamie Peet and has been starting to write her own music for the past two years. Now, together with her new line up, they give these compositions a new life, allowing their own personalities and stories to shine through. Their music is inspired, among others, by the melancholic Swedish folk tradition, balancing between lyrical, songlike melodies and groovy bass lines. NJTA are currently in the process of making their debut album, consisting of their own compositions and new music.