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CvA Online

CvA Online is the online learning platform and digital extension of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. Our interactive online programme offers structured and supervised learning paths that share the same passion for music found in our physical classrooms. Taught by the same renowned instructors, our online courses are built on decades of teaching experience.

With CvA Online you will engage with our interactive online courses, where our state-of-the-art learning platform brings you immersive and interactive lessons, igniting your passion for music. Our preparatory courses provide the ideal starting point to enhance your skills towards a musical career. And for those with grand ambitions, our Online Degrees pave the way to recognised qualifications in music, setting the stage for your future as a musician or music educator.

With CvA Online, you can access our world-class curriculum from anywhere in the world and study at your own pace. Break free from geographical constraints and let the passion for music flourish in your life.

How does it work?
CvA Online offers a wide range of courses in many different musical styles. We are adding new courses on a regular basis and continuously updating and improving our content.

  1. Go to to browse through our catalogue.
  2. Choose a course/s you would like to follow.
  3. Create an account and complete your purchase.
  4. You will then gain access to the course for a full year! You can follow the lessons as many times as you like, complete assignments and practice in your own pace.

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Workshops to Prepare for the Entrance Exam

CvA Online offers structural online workshops to help you prepare for the theoretical part of your Classical or Jazz entrance exam. 


CvA Online website

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