Semifinal II

Tue March 25, 2022
20.00h Amsterdam Blue Note
free admission


Joshua Lutz, keys
Euan Jenkins, drums
Joel Feldtmann Svedberg, bass 
Johnny Biner, guitar

Exploring beats and pocket through hip-hop, funk and jazz, RADIOHOP is a band based in Amsterdam looking to continue the music of the greats whilst creating new sounds and sharing their love of the music with others.Joshua Lutz (Germany), keys; Johnny Biner (Germany), electric guitar; Joel Feldtmann Svedberg (Sweden), bass, and Euan Jenkins (UK/Luxembourg), drums. RADIOHOP met at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam and immediately found a connection, starting to play and rehearse together every week, quickly developing their sound, covering tunes and beats and making them their own.

Michael Murray Quartet

Michael Murray, alto saxophone
Joy Shechter, piano
Omer Govreen, double pass
Ilia Rayskin, drums

This band was formed after a process of Michel Murray playing with a lot of different musicians in a wide range of settings and styles, and really taking the time to choose the musicians who he immediately felt connected to on a deep level. In their approach and intention towards playing the band always wants to strive to play with heart. The idea behind the project stems from an inspiration from poets/wordsmiths like David Whyte, Shane Koyczan, and John Spillane, and being deeply moved by the power of their words. The band wants to create music that resonates emotionally in the same way their poetry does, and this inspiration has also led Michael Murray to be influenced compositionally by a lot of the music of his youth, like Irish traditional and church music.

Ella Zīriņa Trio

Eloi Pascual Nogue, drums
David Macchione, double bass
Ella Zīriņa, guitar

The Ella Zīriņa Trio interweaves the sounds and textures of the guitar, bass and drums into a colourful work of art where the melodic and harmonic result takes inspiration from jazz tradition and focuses on exploring original composition. The international band started its journey when its members studied at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. Each member brings their musical influences and personality to the music, thus creating music where staying true to oneself is important. The music of Ella is best described as sincere, sensitive and melodic though there are plenty of rhythmical elements derived from guitarists such as Baden Powell, Jesse van Ruller and Reinier Baas. Her curiosity to explore the textures and timbres of the guitar result into colourful harmonies and elaborate arrangements in the trio's music.

Hristya v Namysti

Kristina Kovaleva, voice
Maximillian Shaikh-Yousef, saxophone, flute
River Adomeit, double bass
David Puime, drums
Chris Muller, piano

Growing up in Ukraine, Kristina Kovaleva chose singing and piano at a tender age and absorbed all the music she heard. Her love for Ukrainian folk music grew out of homesickness during her music studies in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. The project Hristya v Namysti is a direct reference to Kristina's childhood: its music is woven from memories, folksongs, lullabies, and fairytales she was told by her parents. She has a passion for this music and wants to share it through the prism of jazz. Now she lives in Amsterdam and plays her music with this international quintet, whose members she met at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.


Miguel Valente, alto saxophone
Antonio Moreno, trumpet
Jelle Willems, piano
Antonio Todisco, guitar
Richard Nacinelli, electric bass
Pedro Nobre, drums

NAUSYQA consists of six musicians from Portugal, Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands. The band has been influenced by film soundtracks (yes, Hayao Miyazaki's 'Nausicaa and the Valley of the Wind' is on the list), electronic music, post-rock and contemporary jazz. Engaging grooves, evocative melodies and visceral improvisations. You can expect this and more in their music!