Wed March 30, 2022
20.00h Bimhuis
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In the final the Līva Dumpe Quintet and NAUSYQA, the winners of the semi-finals, will compete with New School Jazz Sextet (The School of Jazz & Contemporary Music at the New School, New York); Nicole McCabe Quintet (USC Thornton School of Music, Los Angeles); Siena Jazz Quintet (Siena Jazz - Accademia Nazionale del Jazz, Siena), and ESMUC Jazz Quintet (Escola Superio de Música de Catalunya, Barcelona).

ESMUC Jazz Quintet - Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya, Barcelona

Alvaro Ocón, trumpet
Vicente Marin, piano
Vicente López, guitar
Jon Carranza, bass
David Gimeno, drums

This band is the culmination of a 4-year-long friendship, the bonds between these individuals are so deep that it was just natural they would end up putting a band together. After playing in several different bands, multiple settings and a vast variety of styles, they combined all these influences and inspirations and started making honest music. They're from very different regions of Spain, and they combine jazz with different Mediterranean sounds, giving another view of 'jazz music' with their original music. Keep an Eye is a big opportunity for the group to join the music together on stage and make the huge first step to play and create together.

New School Jazz Sextet - The School of Jazz and Contemporary Music at the New School, New York

Marvin Carter, alto sax
Kalia Ferretti, trumpet
Sebastian Johnson, vibraphone
Mercer Shavelson, piano 
Michael Gilbert, bass
Hwan Yoo, drums

The sextet representing The New School is made up of Kal Ferretti (trumpet), Marvin Carter (alto saxophone), Sebastian Alexander Johnson (vibraphone), Mercer Shavelson (piano), Michael Gilbert (bass), and Hwan Yoo (drums), a group of students from the New York City area, Northern California, and South Korea. While the whole group is passionate about jazz, each student has found particular interests in different parts of that tradition. From the current New York avant-garde scene to bebop, funk to the music of the pan-African movement of the mid 20th century, the music of the group spans a wide array of jazz and more. With their Keep an Eye performance they aim to bring these diverse musical backgrounds together to showcase all this music has to offer.

Nicole McCabe Quintet - USC Thornton School of Music, Los Angeles

Nicole McCabe, alto sax
Ethan Chilton, trumpet
Sam Reid, piano
Logan Kane, bass
Marcello Carelli, drums

Representing University of Southern California’s Thornton School of Music, the Nicole McCabe Quintet consists of Nicole McCabe on alto saxophone, Ethan Chilton on trumpet, Logan Kane on bass, Sam Reid on piano, and Marcello Carelli on drums. This group was hand picked by Nicole and will feature an original composition of hers that showcases the strengths of this band. Their group values consist of creativity, risk taking, connectivity, and storytelling.

Siena Jazz Quintet - Siena Jazz - Accademia Nazionale del Jazz, Siena

Giacomo Serino, trumpet
Lorenzo Simoni, alto sax
Federico Frassi, piano
Giulio Scianatico, double bass
Simone Brilli, drums

The group was born during the courses of the Jazz Master in Siena Jazz. All young promising musicians of Italian jazz, they have met during the classes of Joe Sanders and Demian Cabaud, where they quickly developed a special affinity.
Lorenzo Simoni, 1998, is a saxophone player who graduated with honors and won awards in many contests all around Italy.
Giacomo Serino, 1999, trumpet player, already collaborates with many orchestras and well-known Italian musicians.
Federico Frassi, 1997, piano player, graduated from the Bachelor course in Siena Jazz. He's currently studying with Yonathan Avishai and Fabrizio Puglisi and he has already recorded his own album.
Giulio Scianatico, 1996, double bass, graduated from the Bachelor course in Siena Jazz. He is very active in the Italian scene, and has already played with many masters from Italy and abroad.
Simone Brilli, 1995, drummer, graduated from the Bachelor course in Siena Jazz. He's currently studying with Jeff Ballard, Ferenc Nemeth, Ziv Ravitz and Greg Hutchinson.

Līva Dumpe Quintet

Līva Dumpe, voice
Ketija Ringa-Karahona, flute
Massimo Imperatore, guitar
Jort Terwijn, double bass
Giovanni Iacovella, drums

Līva Dumpe Quintet is formed by its leader, vocalist and composer Līva, who has collected her strongest emotional experiences and put them into musical forms. The music balances between chamber-like textures using voice, flute and double bass, and rough, dynamic bursts in guitar and drum parts. Impressionistic, seemingly watercolor harmonies contrast the more experimental sounds and lyrics.


Miguel Valente, alto saxophone
Antonio Moreno, trumpet
Jelle Willems, piano
Antonio Todisco, guitar
Richard Nacinelli, electric bass
Pedro Nobre, drums

NAUSYQA consists of six musicians from Portugal, Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands. The band has been influenced by film soundtracks (yes, Hayao Miyazaki's 'Nausicaa and the Valley of the Wind' is on the list), electronic music, post-rock and contemporary jazz. Engaging grooves, evocative melodies and visceral improvisations. You can expect this and more in their music!