The bachelor programme for guitarists provides training in jazz from all periods. Students are encouraged to develop their own style. They can be taught by various principal-study teachers throughout the study and there are opportunities to play in a wide range of ensembles. Hear on this Spotify playlist how broad the stylistic scope is of the guitarists who studied at the CvA Jazz Guitar Department.


Maarten van der Grintencoordinator
Reinier Baas 
Martijn van Iterson  
Jesse van Ruller   
Peter Bernstein Artist in Residence
Durk Hijma technique, methodology
Eric Vaarzon Morelflamenco

The teaching staff: Maarten van der Grinten, Martijn van Iterson, Jesse van Ruller, Reinier Baas and Durk Hijma (technique). Peter Bernstein is regular guest teacher/Artist in Residence of the section. In the past guest teachers have included John Scofield, Jim Hall, Mike Stern, Leonardo Amuedo, John Abercrombie, Nelson Veras, Nelson Faría, Lula Galvão, Charlie Hunter, Lage Lund and Lionel Loueke.

Co-ordinator: Maarten van der Grinten

'From what I've seen being at the school the last few years, you are all the best and the brightest from around the world.'
Peter Bernstein, Artist in Residence, Guitarist, Professor