Jazz Preparatory Course

The Conservatory offers prospective students the means of preparing themselves for entry to the Conservatory through the Preparatory Course. Students in the Preparatory course take lessons with conservatory teachers. In addition to preparing themselves specifically in respect of the principal subject and acquiring the necessary basic music theory knowledge, students have ample opportunity to obtain performance experience through special concerts organized for these young students.

All candidates must pass an entrance examination to be accepted into the Preparatory Course. This exam is identical to the entrance exam for the bachelor's degree programme. Please find the admission requirements here; see the principal subject of your choice. Please note: for guitar and voice there is a preselection. The theory test is also identical to the test for the bachelor's programme.
Please apply by sending in the regular application form. Please find here the closing date for application.

The Preparatory Course does not constitute a degree programme at the higher professional education level (hbo-opleiding), but rather a course. Students enrolled on the preparatory course are therefore not eligible for financial assistance.

Preparatory Course at the conservatory

Not every musician who is ready for the entrance examination has already finished secondary education. And not every musician having finished secondary education and considering a conservatory education has reached the required level. For these students the preliminary training programme constitutes of one or two years of preparatory work on the principal-study subject, theory and ear training ('solf├Ęge'), all in combination with school or work.

There are no separate entrance requirements for the principal study; the examining board will assess as to whether students show sufficient potential and development to attain the required level within one or two years. The same applies to theoretical knowledge and ear training. In this case too, the examiners will 'measure' potential and knowledge already acquired. Students who complete the theoretical subjects during the preliminary training programme may - in consultation with the board of  directors - already start attending classes in theoretical subjects at first-year level.