Jazz Music Theory

The principal subject of Jazz Music Theory is a combination of art education and theoretical reflection, in both the bachelor’s and the master’s degree programme. Theoretical knowledge, skills and reflection go hand in hand with a musical practice, for example as an instrumentalist or arranger. The starting point is the unique character of jazz music, with a keen eye for the broader musical-cultural and historical context of which jazz is a part. The CvA, with its broadly oriented internationally acclaimed jazz programme is pre-eminently the place where these principles can be fruitfully put into practice. 


Edwin Paarlberg coordinator
Barbara Bleij analysis, counterpoint, ear-training, methodology
Walther Stuhlmacher harmony at the piano
Henk Huizingaharmony, arranging

In addition to the regular lessons other events will be organised during the academic year. These include: a colloquium where students and teachers can present work in progress; guest lecturers, such as the annual ‘Music Theorist in Residence’ programme; and study days and conferences organised by the Dutch-Flemish Society for Music Theory. 

The year in which the students start is determined by their previous knowledge and experience. This decision is taken after the entrance exam.

Edwin Paarlberg

Section representative
Barbara Bleij