Learning from an absent teacher

Job ter Haar (speaker), cello, Codarts University of the Arts (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
Michalis Cholevas (speaker), Yayli Tanbur, Ney, Tarhu, Codarts University of the Arts; University of Macedonia (Greece)
Juliano Abramovay, fretless guitar, Codarts University of the Arts

Session introduction
In practice-based or practice-led artistic research it often happens that the knowledge that we need in order to enrich or transform our own practice has not been documented yet, and remains ‘hidden’ in the practice of living musicians. A variety of research strategies and techniques are available to make this tacit knowledge explicit, including interviews, (participant) observation or simply lessons; but what if the musician or musicians whose practice we want to study are long dead, or otherwise out of our reach? Can we find alternative ways to ‘interact’ with them?

This session explores several strategies and frameworks to solve or work around this problem, presenting three research projects of a very different nature, simultaneously addressing several of the topics of this symposium. It consists of three lecture-recitals and a plenary discussion about the issues raised during the presentations. All presenters in this session are working or studying at Codarts Rotterdam.