The EWI (Electric Wind Instrument) for the woodwind player

Learning Objective
The EWI is an innovative instrument designed for the woodwind player. It is a tool of composition as well as a live instrument. Into the Box is an introduction course/workshop that introduces woodwind players to this instrument and to the world of live electronics. The course is open to students of the following instruments: saxophone, flute, clarinet, recorder, oboe, and bassoon.

Course Description
Approaching the instrument: presenting the challenges of playing the EWI. Discussing subjects such as sound/timbre, technique and musical expression. Discussing the featured elements of the EWI, presenting a series of exercises and etudes written especially for the EWI with the goal to obtain basic control.

The history of the instrument and an overview of its players: talking about key players of the EWI, transcribing and analyzing selected solos. Making a comparison between their playing on the EWI and on their acoustic instrument.

Playing the music, not the instrument: a new approach to transcriptions, incorporating sound characteristics. The student will be asked to bring in transcriptions of his or her choice with the focus to transcribe not only the notes but also the playing characteristics of the instrument (articulation, featured technique, use of sound production, use of effects and more) with the goal to create awareness over new playing possibilities. Musical examples will be shown in the introduction and during the course.

Course details

teacher Itai Weissman
term September-December 2019, or January-May 2020
room 635, both periods
method of instruction group lessons; weekly classes of 2,5 hours
class size max. 5
study materials it is possible to work with EWI’s available at the conservatory. The student can sign paperwork and take the EWI home for study. A reader will be distributed containing all necessary information (text, exercises, etudes, transcriptions and exemplary compositions made by the teacher)
assessment The student will write short pieces for the EWI , focusing on its special features (range, sustain/polyphony, interval lock/harmonizer) with the goal to perform the music solo or with an ensemble.
credits 5