Theory and Electives Master Jazz

The theory component of the jazz master’s degree programme consists of a mandatory part and an electives part. In the course of the two years of the master’s degree programme, every student must earn up to a total of (at least) 20 credits in this music theory component. ‘Music Theory’ and ‘Composition - Creative Writing’ are mandatory. Together these courses amount to 10 credits.

For the electives part the student can choose courses from the electives list up to a total of at least 10 credits. Master electives are courses in music history, philosophy, music theory, analysis, arranging and composition. The study load is 5 or 10 credits per course.  

Students who wish to do an exchange programme in the first term of the second MA year should have earned at least 10 credits. 
Students who wish to do an exchange programme in the second term of the second MA year should have earned at least 15 credits.

Extra credits
Students who have earned extra credits may use those for individual credits. 

How to apply
All CvA master students will receive a registration form by e-mail. If you have any questions about the electives, please send an email to Barbara Bleij.

Jazz Master Electives 2020-2021

Mandatory part

Creative Jazz Writing 
The Creative Jazz Writing course will help you to create your own music and will improve your composing skills. Different techniques will be discussed, and assignments will be given. However, your own work will always be the starting point. The lessons are taught individually, and in pairs on occasion.

Advanced Jazz Theory
A course description will follow soon.

Electives part

Composition, Analysis and Performance
Nicolas Slonimsky's 'Thesaurus of Scales and Melodic Patterns' Jasper Blom, Frans van der Hoeven
Where is that Melody? Yuri Honing
Get on Track - New Tools for Composition and Improvisation Harmen Fraanje
Critical Reflection: History, Analysis, Philosophy
Reading Black Music: Key Texts in African-American Music Walter van de Leur
Jazz in Europe/European Jazz? Walter van de Leur
Thinking Big: Jazz Composition and Performance Beyond the Chorus Form Patrick Schenkius, Barbara Bleij, others t.b.a.
Super Nova: Wayne Shorter, Composer/Improviser Barbara Bleij
Freedom and Improvisation Joris Roelofs
Developing Creativity Sander van Maas
Electives of the Classical Department open to jazz students
Electronic Music Jorrit Tamminga
Moving and Musicking with the Elderly Jacqueline Koop, Ellen van Hoek
Music for an Inclusive Society Ben Hekkema and guest lecturers
Musical Texture Amit Gur
New Methodologies for Music Research Mimi Mitchell
New Perspectives on Music Pedagogy Reinhard Findenegg, Carolien Hermans and guest lecturers
Patterns of Performance: The Neuroscience of Improving Experts Beorn Nijenhuis
Technological Strategies in Composing and Performing Arnold Marinissen
Tuning and Temperament Jorge Isaac, Rafael Reina