Pat Metheny Acoustic Group, taught by Yuri Honing

Being one of the foremost guitarists of his generation, Pat Metheny took composing seriously from the beginning. Highly influential for over four decades and expanding his territory from jazz to pop to fusion and free-jazz, Metheny does not accept any borders.

During this course the ensemble will play, review and analyze Metheny's music. The students will be required to apply Metheny's compositional techniques in their own writing. Coached by saxophonist/composer Yuri Honing, who worked with Metheny himself, all aspects of his music, the rhythm, harmony, form, orchestration and his unique sense for good melody will get the attention it deserves.

Course details

teacher Yuri Honing
term 1st or 2nd term, 1.5 hours per week
class size 6-8
examination being present (min. 80%), evaluations during the lessons, writing an original composition and/or arrangement and a final concert
credits 5 for one term
code 7MPM