Jazz Ensembles

During the two years of the master's degree programme students are required to take four ensembles: five credits per ensemble amounting to a total of twenty credits. The ensembles will be given ample opportunity to perform at the conservatory, at venues and festivals. 

Each semester students select, in accordance with their principal subject coordinator and the ensembles coordinator, one specific ensemble. Some students will be required to participate in projects with the Concert Big Band in December and April, and, if possible, the North Sea Jazz Festival in July, dependent on their principal subjects. Participating in all projects together could equal one ensemble module (five credits). Additionally, students participating in a special project will earn one credit per project. 

For registration, please send an e-mail to David de Marez Oyens before June 22nd, 2021.

Overview of Jazz Ensembles 2021-2022

The master ensemble programme gives you the possibility to advance your playing as well as your arranging and composing skills in a wide variety of musical environments. According to your music profile and ambitions, we encourage you to choose an ensemble from the following categories:

Jazz and Improvisation Groups

During a semester you will play, review and analyse the music of a jazz giant or the works of a great classical composer. You will be required to use what you have learned in your own compositions/arrangements and improvisations.

Tristano Clinic Ensemble Jasper Blom
Monk Group Jasper Blom
Joe Henderson Group Yaniv Nachum
Ornette Coleman Group Yaniv Nachum
'Match Fixing': Classical Repertoire Group Joris Roelofs
The Art of the Trio Frans van der Hoeven
Composition Groups

These groups focus on writing and arranging your own music and provide hands on feedback while you are working on your own writings in an ensemble setting.

Jazz Group Rob van Bavel
Ensemble 'A Tune a Week' Yuri Honing
Composition Group Yaniv Nachum
The Contemporary Large Ensemble Yaniv Nachum
Music From Other Cultures

Learn from music from other traditions and cultures, exploring its specific rhythmic, harmonic and form characteristics. After reviewing and analyzing you will be required to use what you have learned in your own compositions/arrangements and playing.

Latin Jazz Group Abel Marcel
Advanced Rhythm-Improvisation Jos Zwaanenburg, Rafel Reina, David de Marez Oyens, Jonas Bisquert, Kristina Fuchs
Brazilian Fusion Group Hans Vroomans
Fusion/Crossover Groups

Learn how to incorporate different musical styles and vocabularies into your own personal musical statement. Thus you will create a personal rendition of a tune, whether already existing or newly composed, using the qualities of your fellow band members.

Pat Metheny Acoustic Group Yuri Honing
José James Band José James
Funk/Rock/R&B Group David de Marez Oyens and Sylvia Langelaan
Artist Groups

In the 'Artist groups', teachers will guide students through their original material, sharing their vision on music parameters such as interplay, improvisation, composition and arrangement techniques. The teachers will regularly play with the students during the ensemble lessons.

'Amsterdam Real Book' Group Michael Moore
Out of the Box Harmen Fraanje
'Parameter Approach' Reinier Baas
Improvisation/Interplay Concepts Tineke Postma
Big Bands

The jazz department offers two big bands for students to work on their big band routine. The weekly rehearsals, separate section rehearsals, special projects, guest teachers and concerts  make playing in one of the big bands a valuable experience.

Please note: auditions for rhythm section players will be held in the third week of June. 

Tuesday Big Band Johan Plomp
Thursday Big Band Ilja Reijngoud
Student Ensemble

For those who want to sign up with their own band. As bandleader you will choose a coach, decide the repertoire and or study objective, and organize, prepare and lead the weekly rehearsals. An opportunity to develop your own artistic project with a personal coach.

Student Ensemble teacher of the student's choice