Monk Group, taught by Jasper Blom

Monk was one of the founders of bebop and  is considered to be one of the giants of jazz. His playing and writing were unique and he made some major contributions to the standard jazz repertoire.

This ensemble focuses entirely on Monk compositions, there is no sheet music, everybody will play from memory. Additionally we will study and transcribe some of his voicings, listen to his music and watch the documentary Straight no Chaser about the life and music of Thelonious Monk.

During the course you will play, review and analyze the music of Thelonious Monk and you will be required to use his compositional techniques in your own compositions/arrangements.

Course details

teacher Jasper Blom
period 1st or 2nd term, 1.5 hours per week
class size 8-10
examination being present, evaluations during the lessons and a final concert/recording
credits 5 per term
code 1MTM