Tineke Postma Artist Group: 'Improvisation/Interplay Concepts'

The special feature of the 'artist group' is that the teacher regularly is a member of the ensemble, sharing their vision on music through their compositions, arrangements and of course their playing. This way the students get a deeper understanding of the teacher's special composing, arranging and playing techniques.

'Art Blakey would hear young drummers and say, "You have a lot of technique. Everything you play shows me you've learned your lessons well, but where are you? What's your story? Tell me your story!"'

In this ensemble we will work on your personal style and approach to improvisation, expression and interplay. In this process, besides raising awareness of your musical identity, we will explore various concepts from masters such as Kenny Werner, Wayne Shorter, Ralph Alessi, Lee Konitz and Greg Osby. 

Course details

teacher Tineke Postma
term 2nd term, 1,5 hours per week
class size ca. 8
examination attendance (min. 80%), evaluations during the lessons, and a final concert/recording
credits 5 for a term
code 1MTP