Tuesday and Thursday Big Band

The years in which students can sign up for the big bands vary depending on their principal subject. In addition to the weekly big band rehearsals there are separate section rehearsals. 

Course details

teachers Tuesday Big Band: Johan Plomp; Thursday Big Band: Ilja Reijngoud
period 1st and/or 2nd term, 3.5 hours per week. Horns are required the whole year, and rhythm section for one term
class size 17-18
examination being present (min. 80%) and evaluations during the lessons, workshops and concerts
credits 3 for one semester, 5 for a whole year (including section rehearsals)
code 8BBJP or 8BBIR

Section rehearsals

saxophone Marc Scholten and Jasper van Damme
trumpet Erik Veldkamp
trombone Martijn Sohier, Ilja Reijngoud
rhythm Lucas van Merwijk, Johan Plomp and/or Frans van der Hoeven, Haye Jellema

NB: Auditions for rhythm section players will be held in the third week of June.