The Biases Inherent in Technology

This talk will discuss how technological change has influenced the creation of music, from the invention and development of the pianoforte to the age of recordings and the appearance of the DAW. It will also address the context of these developments in other fields of the arts.

Stephen Deutsch has had his concert music performed by eminent artists, including the Medici Quartet, David Campbell, The Gaudier Ensemble, Andrew Ball, The London Mozart Players, and many others. He has composed over thirty scores for film, theatre, radio & television. His many collaborations with the late playwright Peter Barnes include Jubilee (2001), the Olivier Award-winning play Red Noses (1985), and the feature film Hard Times (1994). He has significant expertise in electronic music (incl. sampling & synthesis), twentieth-century music techniques; the composer in the marketplace; and issues concerning film, tv, broadcasting, and related subjects.   

At Bournemouth University, Deutsch is Professor of Post-Production. In 1992 he founded the University’s PGDip/M.A. in Electro-Acoustic Music for Film & Television (later MA in Soundtrack Production: Composition for the Screen). This course, which was the first of its kind in Europe, was designed to equip post-graduate professional composers with the skills necessary to write music for film, tv, radio, & other multimedia packages. He was also Visiting Tutor in Screen Composition at the National Film & Television School.