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Updates coronavirus

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Read all previous corona update emails sent to students on MyAHK

Updates AHK
Read the previous updates, sorted by date, at ahk.nl/corona.


General: cva-info@ahk.nl
CvA Service: cva-service@ahk.nl
Reporting infections: cva-coronamelding@ahk.nl
Other corona-related questions: cva-stip@ahk.nl


Students can contact their own study coach, study coordinator or the student counsellor. Teachers can contact the study supervisor or study coordinator.

Dorine Jansma

Bram Strijbis

Jack Pisters

Music in Education
Adri Schreuder

Are you a student and do you need medical help (corona-related or not)? Call your General Practitioner. If you do not have a GP, find one as soon as possible. 

If you feel overwhelmed and you need urgent care, please contact our student counsellor Heleen de Kam, heleen.dekam@ahk.nl.

The ICT helpdesk can be reached on working days on telephone number 020 527 7752 or via helpdesk@ahk.nl.


Information and frequently asked questions for students

The outbreak of the Corona virus forced us to adapt to a whole new home and study situation. We understand that this leads to a lot of questions. On the website https://www.ahk.nl/en/corona-en/ you can find not only information but also a list of frequently asked questions regarding the Corona virus, online education, study delay, Binding Study Recommendation, financial consequences, visa and traveling abroad.

Aside from this, there are several questions that are specific to the Conservatorium van Amsterdam that we will answer on this page.

  • Wearing face masks will remain in force in all public areas until 20 September. Additionally, we ask all of you to observe a distance of 1.5 metres in public areas as much as possible.
  • It is not mandatory to wear a face mask, nor to keep 1.5m distance in the lesson rooms, but we advise you to observe this distance as much as possible.
  • From 1 September almost all lessons - including group lessons - can take place again in our buildings. However, it is still possible that some lessons will be offered online. You will be informed about this separately.
  • Until further notice, external audiences are not yet allowed in the buildings. No audiences, other than fellow students and staff, may be present during concerts, lessons or other activities.
  • For other external parties, such as external players in student ensembles, the same guidelines apply as before the holidays. They must always be registered, also see the protocol on external visitors on this page.
  • We ask each student and staff member to self-test twice a week. Students and staff can order self-test kits free of charge via www.zelftestonderwijs.nl. If you experience any problems with logging in, please contact the AHK Helpdesk.

We ask all students to leave the building when they are not having lessons or practice sessions. This is of the utmost importance to make these measures possible.

We ask all students to practice at home as much as possible, however:
Practicing, up to a maximum of four hours, is possible during opening hours as mentioned on the website/MyAHK. Please note the capacities per room (schedule to follow).

For all bookings for practicing (both during the day and in the evening) the following applies: book your room via Asimut and mention the extra person or persons in the comments field (note: the CvA is only accessible to CvA students and employees. External parties have no access to the building.)

It is not allowed to enter rooms without having made a booking in Asimut.

Wel alleen als het echt noodzakelijk is en de quarantainemaatregelen (zoals aangegeven door de overheid op www.rijksoverheid.nl) in acht worden genomen, evenals de richtlijnen onder 'veiligheidsregels'.

Student card/Employee card
Access to the building is only possible by presenting a valid student or employee card. The card should also be presented upon leaving the building. 

Access to the building?

When should you not come?

  • If you've only just arrived from an orange or red designated territory, follow the government guidelines and please do not come to the CvA for the first 10 days or 5 days after a test. You can follow the activities online during this period.
  • If you or a member of your household have any symptoms or if someone in your home environment is infected, please do not come to the CvA; get tested and wait for the results. In the meantime, you can follow the activities online.

  • Have you been diagnosed with corona yourself? Report this immediately via cva-corona@ahk.nl.

If you can't come to the CvA and your course is being delayed as a result, get in touch with your study counsellor or coach or else with the student dean.

Teachers and staff are asked to only come to the building for lessons and other educational activities and to work from home whenever possible.

When should you come?

You are welcome to attend the CvA (for the exceptions mentioned above) if you can answer "NO" to the following questions:

  1. Have you arrived from an orange or red designated territory in the past 10 days?
  2. Have you been advised or told to quarantine for any reason?
  3. Do you, a household member or near relation have any symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, a temperature, breathlessness or a loss of taste or smell?

PLEASE NOTE: by coming to the CvA, you are automatically confirming that the answers to these questions is "NO". If the answer to any of these questions is "YES", please contact us via cva-stip@ahk.nl.

Days and times?

Opening hours 
Oosterdokskade: Monday till Sunday: 08.00 - 24.00
Atlantisplein: Monday till Saturday: 10.00 - 24.00 / Sunday: 12.00u - 20.00

» More information on booking a room etc. on MyAHK

What are the safety rules?

When you have no confirmed activity in the building, you can make space for other students and staff by leaving the building as much as you can. For instance, have lessons online as far as you can, from home or from other public sites such as the OBA. Also have consideration for each other in canteens by not staying for too long and making way for others.

The following Covid 19 hygiene rules are in effect:

  1. We ask all of you to observe a distance of 1.5 metres in public areas as much as possible
  2. Wear a face mask in the CvA, The only exceptions are:
    1. in the canteen when sitting and eating 
    2. at your own ‘seated’ workplace 
    3. in the classroom during the actual lesson
  3. Wash and/or disinfect your hands often, and in any case before and after using lifts, instruments and equipment
  4. Cough and sneeze into your elbow and use paper tissues

Other important rules:

1. Use the elevator from the ground floor only for floors 5 and above. Use the elevator between floors only if there is a difference of 4 or more floors. Follow the direction markers when using the stairways. Teachers always have priority in the elevators. Disinfect your hands before and after using the elevator and also wear your face covering in the elevator. A maximum of 3 people are allowed in the passenger elevator and 9 in the goods elevator.

2. Clean contact points in all rooms before and after use (door handles, switches, instruments, equipment) with the cleaning materials that are provided. Please do not use these cleaning materials for other purposes and be aware that some of them are toxic and/or flammable.

3. Do not enter a room that already holds the maximum permitted number of people or where you cannot keep your distance.

4. Make appointments to visit study counsellors and/or support departments so that you know for sure that someone will be there who can answer your question. Do not visit these departments or staff without an appointment.


Relief fund for students

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Frequently asked questions Rijksoverheid

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