Composers' Festival Amsterdam

The composition department of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam proudly presents the 10th edition of the Composers' Festival Amsterdam. The Composers' Festival Amsterdam is a platform for the graduating composition students of the CvA to present their best works, most of them being world premieres. The amazing diversity of the concerts offers a great palette of chamber music in various genres: chamber, electronic and organ music, interdisciplinary performances and a campfire piece. Join us!

Composers' Festival 2019

The 2019 edition of the Composers' Festival takes place from 9-12 May. This edition will feature works by, among others, Silvia Lanao, David Ko, Pepijn Streng, Nuno Lobo, Adam Łukawski, Dennis Matos, Sebastiaan van Yperen, Thomas Brown and Leon Haxby.


9 May

19.00h Bernard Haitinkzaal
introducing the graduating composers

19.30h Bernard Haitinkzaal
Score Collective 
Silvia Lanao - Magnetite; Pepijn Streng - The Summoning of the Old Gods; Sebastiaan van Yperen - Dialoog; Adam Łukawski - Xing - 'Fractal no 12' from '16 Fractals for 4 Ensembles'; Nuno Lobo - Entropy; Thomas Brown - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 

10 May

19.30h Bernard Haitinkzaal 
chamber music
Nuno Lobo - Necrotic Berds; Leon Haxby - Folie Grosso in Deux minor, à COp.ncerto 3

20.15h Theaterzaal 
interdisciplinary performance
Dennis Matos - Craving objective reality

11 May

14.30h Amsterdam Blue Note
chamber music 
Leon Haxby - Ghost; Adam Łukawski - Humors

15.00h Sweelinckzaal
chamber music
Thomas Brown - Configuration; Sebastiaan van Yperen - Cello Sonata; Nuno Lobo - Three Deadly Causes

16.00h Amsterdam Blue Note
chamber music
Pepijn Streng - Concerto for Saxophone, Piano and Percussion

17.00h Theaterzaal 
interdisciplinary performance
David Ko - 4 개의 시 / 4 Poems 

20.15h Orgelpark 
organ music
Silvia Lanao - Nerium; Chonglian Yu - Reflection; Raivis Misjuns - Psalmacaglia & Toccata; Andrea Guterres - Kleine Orgelphantasie ; Pol Requesens Roca - Woe; Alberto Granados Reguilon - Fruits

12 May

21.00h Flevopark 
Pepijn Streng - Waldemar's Story


Bernard Haitinkzaal, Amsterdam Blue Note, Theaterzaal: Conservatorium van Amsterdam, Oosterdokskade 151, Amsterdam
Orgelpark: Gerard Brandtstraat 26, Amsterdam
Flevopark: Valentijnkade, Amsterdam