Programme 2024
During the workshop week, you will have individual and group lessons with the teacher of your instrument. If there are several teachers for one instrument you can give your preference.

Each participant takes part in one concert combo with a steady teacher, working towards a final presentation at the end of the week. During the rotating improv classes participants get the chance to play in multiple different line-ups, meeting a new faculty member every day. The daily Electives will be offered by the visiting faculty members, focusing on varying topics such as composition & improvisation techniques, interplay, music business & career and more.

Here's what a typical Summer Jazz Workshop day looks like:  
(Please note: this information is subject to change and times may differ slightly.)

10.00 Concert combo (90min, working towards presentation concert)
11.45 Rotating Improvisation class (90min)
13.15 Lunch break
14.00 Instrument Masterclass/Individual Lessons (90min/30 min)
15.30 Break
16.00 Electives on varying topics (60min)

Summer Jazz Concert or Jam Session