The opportunity currently exists to establish a significant and potentially historic summer educational and career advancement program for jazz musicians. The Summer Jazz Workshop at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam in conjunction with the Manhattan School of Music is a unique and innovative programme in jazz studies. For the first time the two traditional majors of performance and composition are combined with training in improvisation and pedagogy to create a totally new major area of jazz study. This ambitious and groundbreaking concept has never been applied to the field of jazz studies, or for that matter to any other area of jazz arts education.

The programme's philosophy and structure is the next logical step in the evolution of jazz education and has been designed with an emphasis on the same freedoms of thought and expression that has made jazz the unique art form it is today.
The Conservatorium van Amsterdam/MSM Summer Jazz Workshop gives jazz musicians a chance to develop their art as scholars in a unique educational setting and also concentrates on career advancement through performance and networking opportunities not presently offered at other educational institutions.

Participants in the Summer Jazz Workshop program not only benefit from an innovative and comprehensive curriculum but also from direct access to the most advanced and current musical styles and trends emanating from a major urban artistic community. In addition to performances, sessions, and master classes under the direction of established master artists, the Workshop also provides performing experience at jazz venues all over town.
Our students are more than performers. In a sense, they will be missionaries, individuals who have not only achieved a great level of understanding in the field, but also possessing the ability to impart their knowledge and art in an effective and professional way.   

What students say

'Meeting other musicans from around the world with the potential to play together in future. The uniquness of my concert combo. The way in which my combo grew from being a number of individuals to performing music as a band.'

'I loved every single moment of my Concert Combo. Not a moment went by where I did not learn and love all of what I played and was taught.'

'The possibility of playing with people from al around the world, and having the chance of sharing diferent points of view in music and more with them.'

'The classes were superb.'