27/1: festive year opening by Sweelinck Baroque Orchestra

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On January 27, 12.30h, you get a glimpse into the 18th century: Sweelinck Baroque Orchestra will perform Charpentier's Te Deum during a lunchtime concert. Conducted by our Belgian guest Guy Van Waas, the orchestra and the Sweelinck Chamber Choir will execute their interpretation of this classic and start of the year musically. 

'This kind of music is played like a dance: you have to be sure of every step you take.' Just before the end of the first rehearsal, Guy Van Waas explains to one of the singers how this piece calls for decisiveness. Afterwards, he explains: 'The piece is made for the church and is performed in a very functional way. And yet it celebrates exuberantly, while at times also seeking intimacy.'
This concert originates from the Friday projects of the Early Music Department's Sweelinck Baroque Orchestra, with Classical and Early Music students playing their original, ancient instruments like baroque violins, lutes, natural trumpets. You can hear how Charpentier intended his piece, with the instruments he wrote it for. Van Waas: 'A Baroque orchestra sounds milder than a symphony orchestra, but not necessarily softer. They can certainly have a big sound, but the contrast within the instruments is greater.'  

Besides the famous prelude well known from the introduction to the Eurovision Song Contest the main focus in the piece is on voice: 'Students learn this music to broaden their knowledge of repertoire and they focus extra hard on the beautiful details. It is the perfect, festive finale to this first month of the new year.'

Information about the performance can be found here.