Contribution of Luca Marconi

Luca Marconi will show the method adopted by himself for analyzing Chopin’s Nocturne op. 27 n. 1 and its application to that piece.

This method, developed in relation to the semiotics of music, consists in considering the expressive artifices which a score prescribes to the performer, drawing explicitly from them the potential expressive effects that these expressive artifices imply; trying to produce expressive effects, which consists in trying to communicate some kind of musical contents: for example, trying to communicate relations of continuity or discontinuity, hierarchical relations between units, relations of repetition, diversity, similarity or variation,  increases or decreases of tensions, confirmations or denial of implications, but also trying to communicate that certain sounds imitate certain expressions of emotions.

Luca Marconi

Luca Marconi teaches music pedagogy and history of popular music at the Luisa D’Annunzio Conservatory of music in Pescara (Italy). He has published on the relationship between musical communication and the analysis of music; in addition, he has published the volume Musica Espressione Emozione (CLUEB, Bologna, 2001) and, with Gino Stefani, the book La melodia (Bompiani, Milano, 1992).