1 May: Symposium 'Composing with Technology'

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On 1 May the Conservatorium van Amsterdam hosts the symposium Composing with Technology. Since the development of the analogue studio as an environment for composition in the 1950s, and, in parallel, the coming-of-age of the computer as a compositional tool, technology has enabled composers to develop novel ways of creating music. Such compositional practices have resulted, and continue to result, in the widest possible array of musical outcomes, involving fixed media, live electronics, music for film, multimedia installations, new musico-technological instruments and devices, and more. They have also strongly impacted on performative practices. 

The symposium Composing with Technology focuses on two realms of musico-technological composition, defined by their output: composing for loudspeakers; and roles of technology in creating concert music. The symposium features lectures by experts and practitioners from The Netherlands and abroad, as well as performances by some of the guests, faculty, students and alumni of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. In a final group talk, the two realms, and their manifold overlaps, crossbreeds and interfaces, are discussed. 

Interested? Then please sign up before 27 April  via this link. Here you will also find more information.