Curriculum Description

Please note: this information is subject to change

A Summer Jazz Workshop programme embracing a broad spectrum of intensive study and performance in jazz improvisation, composition and pedagogy. The Workshop brings together advanced musicians, who share a common interest in jazz.

The daily programme offers instrumentalists and vocalists an opportunity to improve their skills and broaden their experience through combos, improvisation ensembles with master coaches, combo and big band performances, composition/arranging classes, specialized master classes and seminars. 

Small ensembles in playing class situation, allowing for discussion of concepts, relating to a variety of stylistic approaches to Rhythm, Change Playing and Free Form Improvisation. Styles examined and Jazz boundaries stretched. Performance of original compositions, arrangements and standard repertoire.

This is a set combo. You will get coaching every day and work together with your teacher towards a performance at the end of the week.

Group lesson together with all participants who play the same instrument. A daily class in which you get the chance to learn from your principal subject teacher as well as your fellow students.

Lessons with Justin DiCioccio

1. Concert Performances of Combos and Big Band. Concert programmes to be developed out of compositions worked through and rehearsed in Improvisation Ensemble Classes, combos and big band. 
2. Jam Sessions.
3. Faculty Concerts.

In the electives, our teachers choose topics to discuss, explain and/or practice. In the previous years, topics have included:

* Maarten van der Grinten
Cuddle your dimished chords

* John Riley
Rythmic Perspectives

* Dick Oatts
Practical Composition

* Yaniv Nachum
Playing out

* Justin DiCioccio
How to swing and groove

* Yaniv Nachum
Upper structures and harmonic super impositions

* Dick Oatts and John Riley
The art of playing duo

What students say

'I loved every single moment of my Concert Combo. Not a moment went by where I did not learn and love all of what I played and was taught.'

'The classes were superb.'

'I felt privileged to be able to work with such great teachers and musicians from all over the world.'

'Hearing the stories and experiences and words of wisdom of every member of faculty was unbelievable, and provided me with a wealth of knowledge that I can learn from far after the conclusion of the workshop.'