What is the minimum age to participate in the workshop?
Participants should be at least 16 years old.

Is there a maximum age?

Is the programme the same every day?
Every day there are combo rehearsals, masterclasses and clinics. The programme is more or less the same, although special events take place, like the final concert.

Where does the workshop take place?
At the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, Oosterdokskade 151, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Are there amplifiers at the Conservatory?
Yes. In every room there is a drumset, bass amp, guitar amp and a PA. You also may use the Conservatory music stands. Please note: drummers have to bring their own cymbals and hi-hat clutches (and a snare drum, if you like), singers their own mic with cable!

Can I study when I don't have lessons?
Sure! The CvA is open from 9 am till 11 pm, especially for workshop participants. There are also a lot of jam sessions in Amsterdam in cafes and bars. At the beginning of the workshop you will receive a list with the jam sessions taking place in that week.

Do I have to bring my own double bass?
No, the CvA has double basses. Bass players may use them during the workshop.